In the construction sector our company supports investors in to sell and buy properties, to build residential and industrial objects.
The staff of the “ Horizon Welding Group “ consist of highly experienced builders and engineers , who can provide modern requirements, complex and elegant construction’s montage work. Mainly performing on the construction section we help construction works in our country. With our professional team we provide a evaluation on any construction project, to prepare constructive, buildings, architectural design, to control architectural construction, to accomplish architectural project (handing key). Our main difference from local companies is to invite architects, designers, builders from all over Europe to our projects ( villas, cottages metal and construction work) and combined work experiences. Our team has a lot of experiences with Europe standards. For example; Pasha Bank’s new section in Baku (It’s located in Bridge-Plaza), 2 famous restaurants in old city Sultan and Nogte, old city administrative office, 24 world famous brand shops —Armani, DG, GUCCI, Zegna, Pal Zileri and etc has been built and decorated by our company. Accomplishment of all projects we invited architects, designers, builders to Baku from Germany, Italy, Britain and all of the projects have been completed with quality, successfully and in time. At the moment construction and decoration work of big villas (VIP villa) are continuing. 2 of them are already finished. Accomplishment of these projects we had cooperation with world leader companies and it’s still going on. At the same time in metal construction section been signed couple successful projects. For example; in Qabala city protective metal construction work on archeologic excavation ( architectural and constructive evaluation has been accomplished by our experts) in Baku city new port ships’s metal construction work successfully accomplished. Our services:
⦁ Project works.
⦁ Construction services.
⦁ Design.
⦁ Decorating- building works.
⦁ Metal construction works.
⦁ Control and supervision of construction projects.

The “ Horizon Welding Group “ means active life!

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