By performing on different areas the “ Horizon Welding Group” protect rights of investors, to choose properties and lands, always helps investors in countryside economic sector. At the same time the “Horizon Welding Group “ helps to monitor and audit.
Azerbaijan is the wealthiest country in the South Caucasian and also best investment place for investors. For example, Baki- Tibilisi-Ceyhan petrol pipeline, South Caucasian gas pipeline, Baku Supsa petrol pipeline, Silk Road, Baku-Tibilisi-Qars metal road, charming natural resources, constant economic growths. Businessmen from leader countries such as America, Russia, England, Israel, Japan, Near East ( Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and etc.) are always interested with our country because of it’s improvement in it’s economic policy. The foreign investors are investing Azerbaijan’s petrol, farm economy, construction sector, tourism. Therefore, 14,6 billion capital invested to the country economic in 2017. Azerbaijan, a country of great opportunities, is waiting for its investors and guarantees high-quality investment of funds. The “ Horizon Welding Group “ means active life!

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