Tourism is one of the main operations in our company. These are well developed tourism sections in Azerbaijan: business , beach, sport, individual, recuperative (medical) tours.
The “ Horizon Welding Group “ also performs on the tourism section. In the past few years tourists know Azerbaijan for it’s sun, Caspian Sea and beaches, but now they know its infrastructure’s development, mountain holidays. Tufandag and Sahdag known as best winter holiday locations. In the holiday zones there are many modern hotels and guesthouses, level of service has increased. Its good holiday resort for winter sports lovers! Azerbaijan is also recuperative holidays country. Naphta therapy is only naphta petroleum place in the world, it’s healing power from ancient time. Now Naphta provides treatments for more than 70 illnesses, some of the treatments consist of healing, bones, muscles, nervous system, skin, veins, female and male illnesses and etc. There is no way to describe a holiday in Azerbaijan without the Caspian Sea. A holiday in the Caspian Sea is very popular for world tourists today. With soft climate it is possible to have holidays any time in the year by the Caspian Sea beaches, also from may till September it’s possible to swim and to have tan. During the last few years the construction of Caspian Sea holiday guesthouses and hotels increases and become more modern, Europe style. There are prosperous, private comfortable beaches in all of the hotels to relax and rest. Azerbaijan is country of burning sun and Caspian Sea, with antic castles, palaces, guest ship, mountains and spa holidays. Our friendly team organises tours of the most interesting, antic and very important places, they will provide you with individual holiday options. Make your holiday memorable with the “ Horizon Welding Group! “

“ Horizon Welding Group “ means active life!


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